Christmas Basket Preparation!

PHOTO BY KEVIN HEMSTOCK — Robyn Moore, program director for the annual Kent County Christmas gift basket program, gives instructions for loading boxes to Lions Club members, from left, Jason Felllows of the Millington Lions, to her left, Joe Irr of the Galena Lions, and at right, Glenn Owens of the Chestertown Lions. The “baskets” include boxes of food as well as toys for the children,. They were loaded on Monday Dec. 18 and then distributed to needy families in the county.

PHOTO BY KEVIN HEMSTOCK — Members of the local Lions Clubs, students and other volunteers, helped fill gift baskets, Monday, at the Kent County Community Center at Worton. The baskets were distributed to local needy families.

PHOTO BY KEVIN HEMSTOCK — Volunteers label Christmas gift baskets at the Kent County Community Center, Worton.

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